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NOTE: This project is still in an early, pre-release state. Any information contained on this page is subject to major change and should not be considered final.


There are a variety of commands that can be used for player communication:

  • Chat: Sends a message to everyone connected and listening to the global chat channel.
  • Page: Sends a private message to a specified player by ID, if they have paging enabled.
  • SystemChat: Sends a message to everyone currently observing the same system as you. Does not work in hostile systems unless you have fleet presence. Use sc for short.
  • AllianceChat: Sends a message to everyone in your alliance. Use ac for short.


You may trade ships, resources, fuel, and ammunition with players you are not currently at war with. You cannot trade an entire fleet or a fleet commander.


Players may join alliances with other players to share territory and perform battle together as a group.


A player will be marked as an enemy and treated as hostile under the following conditions:

  • You or your alliance formally declares war on the other player or their alliance through the diplomatic menu.
  • You send a fleet to attack the other player's star system.
  • You enter the other player's star system with a non-aggressive fleet and the other player has ships in the system set to attack intruders on sight.

Once two players are marked as enemies, they will no longer be able to trade with each other or pass through each others star systems. If their respective fleets encounter each other in a neutral star system, they will engage in combat.

Non-Aggression Pacts

Players or alliances at war may propose a non-aggression pact to end war status through the diplomatic menu.