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NOTE: This project is still in an early, pre-release state. Any information contained on this page is subject to major change and should not be considered final.

What is GUST-G?

  • GUST-G is an online competitive, text-based, 4X space strategy game.

How is GUST-G a "competitive" game?

  • Outside of your home system, you will have to compete with other players for control of territory. The more territory a player controls, the faster they can expand their empire. If they colonize a planet in a system, then they "own" that system. The only way to reclaim it will be through combat.

What's a 4X game?

  • 4X is a genre of strategy game where players control an empire and eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate.

What platform does GUST-G run on?

  • GUST-G is accessible from any device supporting telnet. There are telnet MUD clients available for all major platforms including mobile devices. The server itself is built using Python and the Twisted networking framework.

So is this a MUD?

  • Not in the traditional sense, though it still could be labeled as a Multi-User Experience (MUX). Rather than exploring "rooms" and traversing the world as your avatar, you will be pulling the strings behind a massive space empire, hiring AI commanders and managing their actions at a higher level.

Will GUST-G require/enforce roleplay?

  • No.

Will this be a pay to win game?

  • Absoluytely not. GUST-G will not have microtransactions. We may accept donations in the future, however, there will never be any perks for donors aside from a donor tag in their profile.

How can I play GUST-G?

  • GUST-G is currently in a very early stage of development and is not available to play yet. Once it is open to the public, you will be able to connect with any standard Telnet or MUD client, as well as a web-based client.

When can I play GUST-G?

  • My current goal is to have GUST-G in a playable state late 2016 or early 2017.

Can I email/Skype/PM you about the game?

  • Based on my prior experiences with game development projects, I will not be responding to personal private communication from players. We will, however, have a public forum where ideas can be shared.

Can I help out? How do I become a GM?

  • You can help out by spreading the word about GUST-G and getting people to play. There is no requirement for additional staff positions.

Does the name "GUST-G" mean anything?

  • Yes.

What does "GUST-G" mean?

  • The full name is Generic Untitled Space Text-Game: Because Hyphens are Cool.

Don't you work on another game project? How will that affect GUST-G development?

  • I am lead developer for another MUD called CLOK. CLOK is my main focus, however, it also has a team of dedicated GMs to make it a fun place to play. It doesn't require as much actual code and design work. I forsee myself splitting my time about 80%/20% between CLOK and GUST-G respectively.